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 The Legion can, if a member of long standing, has deceased provide a full funeral service if the immediate family so requests. Prior consultation as soon as possible with the Legion service officer is requested as to requirements. Service can comprise of one or more of the following; flags, military or civil strategically placed at the head and foot of the coffin, prayers, last post ceremony (laying of a poppy, playing of last post and reville) and speeches. Our Legion Padre Reverend Rick Gay can preside at the service and is available for guidance and assistance.  The flags at the branch will be lowered for 3 days at the request of the family for any Branch member in good standing. Due to the fact that funeral services have to be conducted in a timely manner, not all above services might be available, as most Legion members have full time employment.  Some service requirements being limited.




 Last Post Fund




Funeral and Burial Benefits for Eligible War Veterans and Peacetime Disability Pensioners.

For help with unexpected bereavement expenses, or emergency help if not qualifying for Veterans Affairs or from help from the Legion, then Last Post can be contacted at 604-572-3242 or 1-800-268-0248.


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Fallen Comrades 2011 - to date
Steve Dunsdon WWII Royal Canadian Army -Europe 2011 Domion President
Earl Edge WWII 2011 Ordinary Member
Mike Danyluk WWII   Ordinary Member
Alex Barnes WWII 2011 Ordinary Member
Roland Dorn WWII Royal Canadian Artillary- Europe Feb. 15/06 Ordinary Member
Roy Pickles WWII 2011 Ordinary Member
Roy McLachlan WWII 2011  Ord. Branch President
Ed Lansdell WWII - RCAF -Ferry Service 2011 Ordinary 
Roy Potter WWII 2011 Member
Jack Sardhinha   2011 Member
Earl Anshalm   2011 Ordinary
Joe Blanger   2011  
Archie Bickner WWII 2011  
Ken Berge   2011  
Frederick William Croft   2011  
Ralph Downing   2011 Ordinary
Doug Dunsdon   2011  
Claude Haddrell   2011  
Shirley Hudson   2011  
Jerry Lifton   2011  
William (Roy) Potter WWII 2011 Ordinary 
Dawn Seminoff   2011  Associate
Frederick Sharpe   2011  
Shirley Sundbo   2011 Member/Staff
Raymond Walters   2011 Ordinary
Alex Yakunin   2011  Associate
Gordon Stein   Jan 24/12 Ordinary Member
George (Geordie) Taylor WWII Vet Mar 4/12  Ordinary
Don Uri   Feb 19/12 Ordinary Member
Mavis Brommeland   Mar 3/12 LA Past President
Ronald Peart   June 9/12 Ordinary Member
Melrose Campbell     LA Member
Gary Austin     Past President
Robert G. Sime   Apr 13/12 Ordinary Member
Roy A Soderberg   Apr 17/12 Ordinary Member
Reg Rumney   May 15/12 Affiliate Voting
Art Morrison   Apr 23/12 Associate
Marcel A. LaMarre   Aug 25/12 Assoc.-Past President
Beverly C.L. O'Neill   Oct 10/12 Associate
Russ Shaler   Nov 5/12 Ordinary
Robert Wendell (Bert) Ruffell   Nov 14/12 Ordinary
R.A. Landriault   Dec 1/12 Ordinary
John Arthur Doucette   Dec 6/12 Associate
P Brian Hoppe   Dec 14/12 Associate
James T Banford   Dec 19/12 Associate
Robert P Livingston   Dec 21/12 Ordinary
Russell Doyle   Jan11/13 Affiliate
George Szalka   Jan9/13 Associate
Barney Ayton   Jan 27/13 Associate
Bill Horvath   July 7/13 Associate
Arthur (Mac) McCurdock WWII - British SAS Aug. 3/13 Ordinary
Ruth Dunsdon Wife of Steve Dunsdon Aug. 9/13 LA Life Member
William H. Killick   Oct 13/13 Ordinary
William G. Wilde   Oct/13 Affiliate
Hazel Kuck   Oct. 31/13 Associate
James Kitteringham   Nov 10/13 Affiliate
Alex Kean   Nov. 11/13 Ordinary
Clarence Lightfoot   Nov. /13 Ordinary
Lou Bousquet   Feb. 4/14 Ordinary
Mas Inouye   Feb 18/14 Affiliate
Doug Bargholz Past President 65 Year member May 2/14 Ordinary
Clarence Lightfoot   Nov/13  
Brad Alexander Sr.   Aug 11/14 Associate
Adrienne De Zutter   Aug / 14 Associate
Andy Berg 33 year member Aug 25/14 Ordinary
Alan Cox   Sept. 3/14 Ordinary
Murray Jackett   Oct./14 Ordinary
A.S.Loney   Oct./14 Ordinary
Richard McCombe   Oct./14 Ordinary
Edgar Kelbert   Nov./14  
Edwinna MacMillan   Nov. 14  
William David Clark   Dec.23/14  Ordinary
John Peters   April/15 Ordinary
Douglas Morris   April/15  
Douglas Campbell   April/15 Ordinary
Alister McInstosh   July/15 Ordinary
Don Wertz   July 03/15 Ordinary
Edgar Oswald   July/15 Ordinary
Jim Wheeler  Royal Canadian Navy Veteran Sept. 5/15 Ordinary
Thomas McCormick   Aug.22/15  
Virginia Rusk   Sept. 12/15 Ordinary
Douglas Welch   Sept. 19/15  
Edgar Hudson   Sept. 20/15  
Roland Muloin WWII RCAF Vet. Metis Medal Award Sept. 21/15 Ordinary
Bud Brown   Sept 29/15 Ordinary
Jim Boyle   Nov. 9/15 Ordinary
George Ferguson WWII - Aged 105 - Town's oldest Veteran Nov. 22/15 Ordinary
Donald Gagnon   Dec. 26/15 Ordinary
David Jones   Jan/16  
Ellen "Mary" Coates   Jan. 31/16 Ordinary-- War Bride
Frank Hoey   Jan/16   Ordinary
George Sutton   March 5/16 AV
Violet Campbell WWAF in Britain March/16 Ordinary
John Holland   April/16 Ordinary
Kenneth Ciurysek   May 21/16 Associate
Rick Brown  

June 30/16

Muriel Huddleston   June/16 Associate
Aubrey Rundle-Woolcock   May 27/16 Ordinary
Douglass W. Schill  

July 3/16

Jeff Tavender   July 1/16  Associate
Paige Roming   July 6/16  
Cyril Murray   July 25/16  
Ian MacDougall   Aug. 1/16  
John (Jake) Saunders   Aug 19/16 Ordinary
Thomas McCormick  

Aug. 22/16

Carman Palmer  

Aug. 27/16

Jean Lewis   Oct.31/16  
Robert Leechman   Feb./17  
Ian Flack   April 3/17 Associate
Jewel Lindsay   June/17 Associate
Ross Krauter Air Force  June/17 Ordinary 
Cliff Gibson   June 6/17 Ordinary
John David Johnston   July/17  
Jesse Gauthier   2017 Ordinary
Bob Wolleswinkel Former Branch Sect./Manager July 26/17 Associate
Robert Walker   Oct. 22/17 Associate
Clifford Clarke   Nov/17 Ordinary
Allan Wood   Nov.27/17 Ordinary
Joseph Brown   Jan. 21/18 Ordinary
Edward Jones   Jan./18 Associate


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